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Become a part of a creative environment and network

Fremtidsfabrikken (or Future Factory) is a house for creative entrepreneurs. In the house situated on the pier in Svendborg Harbour, you find a creative and dynamic environment, where new and established entrepreneurs meet, work, build networks and find inspiration.


The house is for the entrepreneurs who work in the house <<INDBYGGERNE>>, and for other creative entrepreneurs in Southern Funen, who would like to be part of the environment, network, and special events << NETWORK >> as well as their customers and business associates.


On this site, we hope you will find interesting business partners and suppliers who can help develop your business.

As an organization or company, you are welcome to rent our conference room and innovation and meeting rooms for training, workshops and networking events. The rooms are specially designed to support creative processes. For your innovative workshop, we can help you find creative lecturers and facilitators.


We offer training courses, workshops and network events that help entrepreneurs develop professionally and personally, and that strengthen the co-operation in our many networks.

Fremtidsfabrikken is part of the municipality of Svendborg. By creating this house, the municipality wants to provide the best conditions for entrepreneurs and micro enterprises in the creative industries.


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